Walter Dalton

In Search Of The "Good Ole Girl System"

Oct 29, 2012

Republican Pat McCrory frequently references the need for a “fresh voice” in Raleigh during his campaign for North Carolina governor.

“It is gonna take an outsider – an outsider to break up this Good Ole Boy, Good Ole Girl system that has been in control for far too long within our state government,” said McCrory in his first televised debate against Democrat Walter Dalton.

Framing oneself as “an outsider who can bring change” is commonplace in political campaigns. But McCrory’s choice of words caught our attention – and left WFAE’s Julie Rose scratching her head.

Dalton, McCrory Debate 'Best Incentive' For Businesses

Oct 26, 2012

The candidates for North Carolina governor have faced a lot of questions about how to attract new businesses to the state and keep current ones here. In their answers, Republican Pat McCrory and Democrat Walter Dalton have shown differences on taxes and incentives, but also similarities on improving the state’s workforce.

But when the actual businesses are deciding between competing states, what are their most important criteria?

Lisa Miller

The two major candidates for governor both stress linking businesses and schools to make sure students graduate with the skills they need to land a job.  Republican Pat McCrory and Democrat Walter Dalton also want to strengthen education in the early years.  But they favor different paths to get there.

Campaign season is full of promises even to the smallest constituents.  These Charlotte pre-schoolers have big plans for their futures.  Dalton sits cross-legged among them.  A few of them tell him they want to be Batman and Spiderman.  

McCrory Feels At Home In Charlotte Rotary Address

Oct 23, 2012

Republican gubernatorial candidate Pat McCrory had his time before the Charlotte Rotary Club on Tuesday. Democrat Walter Dalton got a polite, but cool reception from the group last month. For McCrory, the welcome was filled with anecdotes and inside jokes.

It was just “Mayor Pat” to this overflowing room of local business leaders. Clearly on his home court, McCrory played into that. Former councilman Edwin Peacock surprised McCrory with a clip from an old home movie showing the former mayor as a fresh-faced 21 year old refereeing a high school basketball game in Charlotte.

It was a two-for debate night, with the candidates for chief executive of North Carolina and the nation having their first televised debates. Both debates were much more than the stereotyped “talking points” forums. They were both substantive, in general, and certainly set a tone for the final month of the general campaign.

Gubernatorial candidates Pat McCrory and Walter Dalton addressed the role of economic incentives in attracting new jobs to North Carolina during their first debate Wednesday night.  Democratic Lieutenant Governor Dalton says he doesn't like giving tax breaks and cash to lure businesses, but we have to offer incentives since other states do.

Dalton, McCrory Meet In First Gov's Debate

Oct 4, 2012

The two leading candidates for North Carolina governor met in their first televised debate Wednesday night.  They touched on health care, education, energy and - of course - the need for more jobs.

"The first thing we need is change the culture of government and attitude to make sure our state government treats small businesses and all business as a customer - not an adversary," says Republican former Charlotte Mayor Pat McCrory.

McCrory outlined his jobs plan for the state, which includes getting rid of regulations that hinder growth and reforming tax system.

Dalton Pitches Himself On McCrory's Turf

Sep 25, 2012
Walter Dalton campaign

Lieutenant Governor Walter Dalton walked into the heart of his opponent's home turf Tuesday in the race for governor with a campaign appearance at the Charlotte Rotary Club.

Republican Pat McCrory won a record seven terms as Charlotte mayor and presided over big boom years. He's always had strong support from Republicans and Democrats in Charlotte.

So what kind of audience do you think a room full of Uptown business and community leaders would be for the guy trying to beat McCrory?

The North Carolina governor’s race is getting a lot of attention from outside spending groups. Both Democrat Walter Dalton and Republican Pat McCrory are getting help from organizations like the Republican and Democratic Governor’s Association Paul Abowd of the Center for Public Integrity has been following the race. Morning Edition Host Duncan McFadyen recently asked him just HOW much money is being spent.

North Carolina Governor's Race Awash In Out-Of-State Funds

Sep 5, 2012

North Carolina’s race for governor is expected to be the most expensive in the state’s history thanks largely to two deep-pocketed, Washington, D.C.-based organizations whose underwriters may not even know how their funds are being spent.

The state is the latest field of battle for the Democratic Governors Association and the Republican Governors Association, organizations whose impact has increased thanks to court decisions that eliminated limits on campaign spending.