Charlotte Talks: CATS CEO John Lewis On New Light Rail, Tunnel Options And Future Transit Plans

Monday, July 23, 2018 Incredibly ambitious plans to expand Charlotte’s mass transit options and a price tag to match. CATS CEO John Lewis gives us the details.

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She Says: They Say

An Investigative Podcast On Sexual Assault

Dortmund (yellow) faced Liverpool in the International Champions Cup at Bank of America Stadium Sunday.
David Boraks / WFAE

A crowd of more than 55,000 soccer fans was at Bank of America Stadium Sunday afternoon to watch Germany's Borussia Dortmund beat England's Liverpool in the International Champions Cup.  

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A hot newly released document offers a sliver of new understanding to the Russia imbroglio — but has not dislodged warring partisans from their long-term deadlock about evidence and surveillance in the case.

A GOP congressman and former FBI agent says he thinks President Trump was manipulated by Russian President Vladimir Putin. Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick told NPR's Michel Martin on All Things Considered that he drew that conclusion after the two leaders appeared in Helsinki.

"The president was manipulated by Vladimir Putin," Fitzpatrick said. "Vladimir Putin is a master manipulator."

Trump administration lawyers are defending their new rules on how campuses should handle cases of sexual assault. Education Secretary Betsy DeVos issued the new guidance last fall after scrapping Obama-era rules that she said were forcing schools to violate the due process rights of the accused. Survivors' advocates filed a federal lawsuit shortly after, arguing DeVos' replacement guidelines discriminate against accusers and discourage them from reporting assaults.

The Republican National Convention will utilize the Spectrum Center in uptown Charlotte.
Zuri Berry / WFAE

From the very beginning, Charlotte was the favorite to win the bid to host the 2020 Republican National Convention.

That’s according to the RNC’s site selection committee chairman Ron Kaufman, who worked with each of the bid cities through the selection process that came to a close on Friday.

A conceptual drawing of what the Gateway Station could look like, from a November study.
Charlotte Area Transit System

City officials say they'll will seek proposals later this summer for a mixed-use "station district" development next to passenger rail tracks now under construction uptown.  A private developer could be chosen by the end of the year.

The Republican National Committee formally picked Charlotte today for its 2020 convention. And that's despite considerable hesitation from some of Charlotte's city leaders. Dallas Woodhouse, the executive director for the North Carolina Republican Party, spoke with WFAE’s Nick de la Canal for “All Things Considered” about this tension from Austin, Texas.

Dylan Bingham /

The Republican National Committee has officially chosen Charlotte as its host city for its 2020 national convention today in Austin, Texas.

The "King" visited the Queen City on Thursday. Basketball star Lebron James made an appearance at the Charlotte Convention Center to watch his son play in a youth basketball tournament. 

Friday, July 20, 2018

A narrow "yes" vote to support Charlotte's hosting of the 2020 Republican convention. Carolina lawmakers weigh in on President Trump's controversial meeting with Vladimir Putin. CATS begins mapping out its expansion plans. Mike Collins and a panel of reporters analyze the local headlines.



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