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Federal Judges Deny Lawmakers' Request For Stay In Gerrymandering Case

A panel of federal judges has denied a request from Republican lawmakers to delay redrawing all of North Carolina's 13 congressional districts.

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This blog will feature the latest news on the expected winter storm hitting North Carolina today. It will be regularly updated by WFAE staff.

7:45 am

And so it (possibly) begins.

The temperature is dropping and a light snow is now falling in Charlotte. Hardly snowpocalype so far.

But things are expected to change and soon.

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This time last year, women from all over the country were heading to the nation’s capital to participate in the women’s march on Washington. Some marched for issues of inequality others for healthcare, and many in response to the election of President Trump.

Last year before they headed north, WFAE’s Sarah Delia spoke to several women about why they wanted to march and what they hoped to get out of the experience. A year later, Delia circled back with some of them.


Law enforcement officials say four homicides and multiple shootings in the Charlotte area over the past week involved domestic violence.  And, police and court officials say 27 percent of last year’s homicides in Charlotte-Mecklenburg were related to domestic violence. 

The number of such killings so early in the new year is “alarming,” says Karen Parker, with Safe Alliance in Charlotte.  The organization provides support and services to victims of domestic violence and sexual assault.

North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper is calling for private companies to provide more robust health coverage and for the state to expand its Medicaid program as a way to combat the number of opioid overdoses in the state.

Cooper says the number of deaths by prescription opioid overdoses is declining, while deaths by non-prescription opioids, like heroin and fentanyl, remain high.

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Lawmakers received a brief update about Cardinal Innovations Healthcare Tuesday. One key point at issue - just when the state will return control of the organization to its newly picked board of directors.

Coal ash is being excavated from Duke Energy's closed Riverbend coal plant on Mountain Island Lake.
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North Carolina Attorney General Josh Stein is opposing Duke Energy's request to charge ratepayers for the costs of cleaning up its coal ash dumps around the state.  

Negative Space

WFAE is working on a story about sexual assault in Charlotte. And right now, we hope to hear from you. 

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Tuesday morning, lawmakers will get an update on the operation of Cardinal Innovations Healthcare.

This briefing comes as state officials are facing a self-imposed deadline to return control of the organization to a new board of directors.  

Charlotte Talks: New Tools In Opioid Fight

23 hours ago
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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

The impact of measures to combat the deadly opioid epidemic in North Carolina. Mike Collins and a panel of experts hear about legislation, law enforcement’s changing approach and from Governor Cooper. 


Updated 3:10 p.m

A York law enforcement officer is in critical condition and three others are being treated in the hospital after being shot early today by a man who was being sought in a domestic violence incident.


FAQ City: Community-Powered Stories

FAQ City: How To 'Compel' People To Interact With Those Different From Them?

It’s time now to take one of your questions. A while back, one of our listeners submitted a question through our website asking if there was anything that could be done to compel Charlotte residents to interact with people different from them - something that could help the city counteract racial segregation that’s grown over the last decade.

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Courtesy of the Sallie Bingham Center for Women’s History & Culture, Duke University

Ask Us: Why Charlotte Pride Takes Place In August, And Not June


Has The Women's March Had A Lasting Impact?

WFAE wants to hear your thoughts about this movement and its staying power.

Charlotte Homicides In 2018 - A Look At The Victims

WFAE is tracking Charlotte’s homicides, and remembering the victims, through this interactive timeline.

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