There And Back

This summer we're profiling attractions that you can visit as a day trip from the Charlotte region.

There And Back: Crowders Mountain And Kings Mountain

Jul 2, 2014
Heisenberg CA / Wikipedia

Last summer we profiled attractions that you can visit as a day trip from the Charlotte region. The series was called “There and Back.” We are going to revisit that series each Wednesday for the rest of this summer.  In this installment, we visit Crowders Mountain State Park and Kings Mountain National Military Park.

There And Back: Charlotte

Aug 31, 2013
Duncan McFadyen / WFAE

We’ve been on the road for the past couple of months here at WFAE. Our series “There And Back” has explored places you can visit as a day trip from Charlotte. So, for the last story in this summer series, we decided to stay right here in Charlotte.

There And Back: Anson County

Aug 24, 2013
Duncan McFadyen / WFAE

Labor Day is on the horizon; the kids are getting ready to go back to school. In many parts of the state, the tourist season is winding down. That’s not the case in Anson County, less than 90 minutes east of uptown, where things are just getting started.

There And Back: Bessemer City Kings Mountain Drive-In

Aug 20, 2013
Duncan McFadyen / WFAE

There were once more than one hundred drive-ins within a one hundred mile radius of uptown Charlotte. Yes, there’s a group that keeps track of such things called Today, there are only 6 in all of North Carolina.

There And Back: North Carolina Peach Country

Aug 10, 2013
Duncan McFadyen / WFAE

Roadside peach stands are a regular sight along the highways in the North Carolina sandhills. They lure travelers in with colorful signs advertising peaches, produce and ice cream. And the peaches you can get at these stands are different from what you’d find in a grocery store. We visited an orchard in Montgomery County, the heart of North Carolina’s peach country, to find out why.

There And Back: Museums In Gaston County

Aug 3, 2013
The Schiele Museum

WFAE's summer day trip series takes a trip to Gaston County, to the Schiele Museum of Natural History and the Gaston County Museum of Art and History.

There And Back: Lexington, NC, Barbecue

Jul 27, 2013
Marshall Terry / WFAE

This summer, we're visiting places within a couple hours’ drive of Charlotte. In this installment, a trip to the self-proclaimed barbecue capital of the world, Lexington, North Carolina.

There And Back: Town Creek Indian Mound

Jul 22, 2013
N.C. Department of Cultural Resources

Today, we're turning back to the very distant past: a state historic site in Mount Gilead that includes a reconstructed Native American village and burial site from more than 1,000 years ago.

There And Back: Saluda, N.C.

Jul 13, 2013
*Kid*Doc*One* / flickr

The town of Saluda is about an hour and a half due west of Charlotte, and it’s been a popular getaway for more than a century now.

There And Back: Happy Zone At Plaza Fiesta

Jul 6, 2013
Duncan McFadyen / WFAE

Most people know the first exit on I-77 in South Carolina as the “Carowinds” exit, but just across the parking lot from the theme park is an indoor attraction all its own: the Happy Zone at Plaza Fiesta.