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NC Grows Its Pot Of Money Despite Losing Revenue

Dec 8, 2014

  North Carolina's main pot of money increased about 19 percent during the last fiscal year despite a decrease in revenues. That's according to the state controller's annual financial report released Monday.

You know how when revenues are down, a business can still turn a profit if it cuts expenses? That's basically what North Carolina did with its General Fund, the pot of money the state uses to pay for most of its programs.

For the fiscal year that ended in June, North Carolina's revenues came in about $450 million short of projections.

NC Grows Its Main Fund, Keeps AAA Rating In 2013

Dec 4, 2013

The pot of money North Carolina uses to pay for most of its programs grew about 20 percent this year. That's according to the state's annual financial report, which came out Tuesday.