Tips From Tampa For Handling A National Convention

Aug 31, 2012

Life is slowly getting back to normal in Tampa after the Republican National Convention concluded Thursday night. Some businesses, restaurants and schools there offered these tips for Charlotte residents about how to handle a national convention coming to town.   

The main events were in downtown Tampa, and that area turned into a secure zone on steroids, in the words of Marshall Rainey.

The Campaigns And The Economy

Aug 22, 2012

Everyone remembers the now famous phrase "it's the economy, stupid" that came out of Bill Clinton's first campaign for President. That phrase could be in full effect during the current Presidential campaign as well but the two candidates certainly see the issue from two different perspectives. Add to that the recent addition of congressman Paul Ryan as Mitt Romney's Vice Presidential candidate. Ryan is the Chairman of the House Budget Committee and has what some call "radical" views to reform the federal budget and revive the economy.

Young People and Politics

Aug 17, 2012

Young voters came out in record numbers in 2008 to elect Barack Obama as President. Four years later, a poll from Pew Research Center this summer says Americans under the age of 30 are less engaged in the upcoming election and in politics in general than they were in 2008. Are the parties and politicians listening to this particular voter group? Do young people feel like they are being heard?