Purple heart

Sunday Headlines
9:25 am
Sun April 26, 2015

Sun. Headlines: Sgt. Cooke Gets Purple Heart

Army Sgt. Matt Cooke of Stanly County was given the Purple Heart award in Salisbury Saturday for his bravery in 2009 when another soldier opened fire on fellow troops at Fort Hood Texas. Thirteen people died and 32 others were hurt, including Cooke, who was shot while trying to protect another wounded soldier. Congressman Robert Pittenger said of Cooke, “You are a hero to me and so many Americans.”  Soldiers involved in the incident initially weren’t eligible for the Purple Heart, after officials classified the shooting as workplace violence, instead of combat.

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Local News
9:18 am
Wed November 13, 2013

The Return Of A Lost Purple Heart Sparks A Friendship, Reveals A Soldier's Story

Purple Hearts are awarded to those wounded in combat.
Credit U.S. Military

A discovery at a yard sale in North Carolina about a year ago led to a military ceremony in Washington, D.C. Tuesday afternoon.  Two unlikely friends are returning a Purple Heart to the family of First Lieutenant Henry Schenk, who died fighting in the Korean War.

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