Courtesy of the Governor's Office

A controversial bill which would allow business owners to sue employees who secretly record at the workplace has been vetoed by Governor Pat McCrory.

The measure is officially named the Property Protection Act. But its more widely known as the ‘Ag-Gag’ bill.

Hours after the North Carolina House of Representatives passed the legislation, Governor Pat McCrory announced he will veto a bill that would allow magistrates to opt out of performing marriages for same-sex couples. But lawmakers may have the votes to override that veto.

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Charlotte's city council will not shift local taxes and fees toward businesses as much as City Manager Ron Carlee proposed. The council and city staff have spent the past two months debating how to fill a $22 million hole in the city’s budget. That hole comes mostly from lost business taxes, after lower property reappraisals and the loss of a business license tax.

On the surface, the United States has a two party system of government. But there’s no law about that. Democrats and Republicans don’t have to be the only parties. And there are others – the largest of which is the Libertarian party. David Boaz, of the Cato Institute wrote his book, The Libertarian Mind, as an effort to explore not only the growing interest in the party but also their core beliefs. He joins us to talk about all of this.

NC General Assembly

Early Friday morning, North Carolina’s House of Representatives passed its $22 billion state budget. The final vote came just after 1 am. It capped off more than 9 hours of debate about the bill itself and nearly 50 amendments to the measure.

The North Carolina House of Representatives has begun debate of a new version of the budget. It contains several changes from the version introduced earlier this week, including a $40 million reduction to film incentive grants over the next two years, and changes to renewable energy policies, House leaders said at a press conference.

The exact changes weren’t immediately clear, because the language hasn’t been widely released. Usually, budgets must be published 48 hours before a vote. Rules committee chairman David Lewis said this one will operate on a shorter timeline.

North Carolina Government

Wednesday, the North Carolina Senate voted to shrink the Rockingham County School Board and redraw their districts.  

This is just the latest move by the Republican controlled General Assembly which seems to contradict a core belief of their party: Local Control is best.  

North Carolina Dept. of Transportation

Mecklenburg County commissioners joined several local town boards Tuesday night  in asking the North Carolina Department of Transportation to delay its deal with a private company to build and operate toll lanes in northern Mecklenburg and southern Iredell counties. On Wednesday, the state gave its answer: No. The state announced it has closed on the financing contract with a subsidiary of Cintra U.S.

The North Carolina House of Representatives has released its proposed $22 billion budget for the state and the debate has begun.

NC General Assembly

The North Carolina Senate passed a bill Monday night which allows business owners to sue employees who secretly record audio or video in the workplace. The vote was 32 to 13.