North Carolina gun laws

On Wednesday, a controversial gun bill is scheduled for its final vote in the North Carolina House. It passed its second reading Tuesday but only after significant changes.          

After a long and heated debate the House voted to strip the bill of its most controversial provision, allowing the private sale of handguns without a background check by local sheriffs. Gone, too, is a provision that allowed concealed handguns in the halls of the General Assembly.

Republican lawmakers in the state House are considering a controversial bill that would loosen North Carolina's gun laws. It would ban doctors from asking patients in writing whether they have a gun at home. And it would eliminate a requirement for people to get a permit before they can buy a hand gun. As Jorge Valencia reports from WUNC, the plan to eliminate the permits has gotten strong reactions.

Gun Advocacy Group Turns Focus To 'No Gun' Restaurants

Nov 13, 2013
No concealed guns permitted on premise sign
Kevin Kniestedt

A controversial gun law took effect on October 1. It lets people with concealed permits carry their handgun into bars and restaurants that serve alcohol…as long as they don’t drink any. Owners of restaurants and bars that don’t want guns in their business must post a sign.

And those who have posted signs have drawn the ire of the gun-rights group Grass Roots North Carolina.

NC Explainer: Gun Legislation

Jul 29, 2013
shannonpatrick17 / Flickr

A wide variety of North Carolina laws are poised to change, including where you can carry guns, what you need to vote and which clinics can provide abortions.

The changes are the result of the legislative session that ended last week. It was the first in more than a century in which Republicans controlled both the General Assembly and the governor's mansion. And they shook things up.