NC Air National Guard

McCrory defends N.C. and his leadership

Jul 14, 2013

Gov. Pat McCrory is defending North Carolina and his leadership, following an editorial in The New York Times last week that criticized the state's Republican leadership and recent legislative actions.

In a July 10 editorial headlined “The Decline of North Carolina,” The Times called North Carolina's current state leadership a “demolition derby tearing down years of progress in public education, tax policy, racial equality” and voting rights. 

Weather, Misjudgment Led To Crash In South Dakota

Nov 15, 2012
U.S. Air Force/Staff Sgt. Daryl McKamey

The North Carolina Air National Guard released the results of an investigation into the July plane crash that killed four members of a Charlotte-based crew. They were fighting wildfires in South Dakota at the time of the accident.