light factory

Lisa Worf / WFAE

If you’re anywhere along Tryon Street in uptown Charlotte around 6:15 tonight, you’ll be photographed.  Volunteers, 150 of them, will simultaneously snap what will turn into one very long picture of the street.  It’s part art project, part documentary, and part promotion. 

You may love Tryon street like Mike Sandford whose office looks out on it:

“I think it’s a very vibrant and beautiful street,” he says.    

You may be upbeat about it, but see room for improvement like Yvonne Curtis.

When Cameras Are Part Of The Party

Feb 1, 2013
Dina Litovsky

A new exhibit at the Light Factory documents our desire to, well, document everything. It’s called Connected There but Not Always Here and it questions our relationship with social media and how it influences our relationships with each other. The exhibit will be on display through May 19.