North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services

Deaf people or those who are hard of hearing can now have a symbol on their driver’s license that designates their hearing challenges.

Governor Cooper signed the legislation Thursday. The intent is to let law enforcement officers know if someone they pull over can’t hear. The symbol is optional. The legislation which takes effect in January includes training for current and incoming officers on how to appropriately interact with those who are deaf and hard of hearing. It comes after Daniel Harris, a deaf man, was fatally shot by a state trooper in Charlotte last year following a traffic stop that turned into a high speed chase.

Lawmakers are considering a revised bill that would withhold state funds from local governments deemed to be sanctuary cities.  A House Judiciary Committee discussed the bill Tuesday, but took no action.

The bill calls for penalties to go along with a 2015 law that prohibits cities and towns from adopting policies to protect unauthorized immigrants.

Corrected NC-SC Boundary Set; Now, Big Changes Loom for Some

Jun 28, 2016
Ana Lucia Murillo / WFAE

The boundary between North and South Carolina is finally set. It's taken more than 20 years to clarify the colonial-era line with modern technology. Another part of that process was deciding how to deal with households and businesses that find themselves in a new state. The bill Governor McCrory signed June 22nd lays out ways to ease them into life in a different Carolina. Many are anxious about the transition. 

Lisa Worf / WFAE

North Carolina third-graders have a big year ahead of them. This is the first year by law third-graders will be held back, if they aren’t reading at grade level.  But it’s not so cut and dry. 

WFAE’s education reporter Lisa Miller joins me now to explain how this will actually work: