The stock market fell on Friday after a week of losses. That caused investors to wonder about the safety of their retirement savings, a hurdle many believed had become a thing of the past in this recovery. Even if this stumble hasn't shaken you, you might be wondering how to get yourself into better fiscal shape, where to put that retirement nest egg and how to protect it from the vagaries of the market. We talk about that with two financial advisors.

Not long ago a group of business professionals got together to discuss a new way of investing. They called it Venture Philanthropy. Social Venture Partners (SVP) was created out of this idea. The group leverages their collective expertise, creativity, time, and financial resources to develop and support promising social initiatives and nonprofits that will have a measurable, sustainable, and positive impact in greater Charlotte. To create interest and incentive, Social Venture Partners started a contest called SEED20 and some of the ideas that have grown out of the contest are astounding. We'll learn more about Venture Philanthropy and hear from contest winners when Charlotte Talks.