Ground Hog Day

Sunday Headlines
9:52 am
Sun February 2, 2014

Guilty Pleas Due In ZeekRewards Scam

The first guilty pleas are due this week in a massive North Carolina-based Ponzi scheme. Dawn Wright Olivares was the high-profile face of ZeekRewards, an online company that promised big returns on a small investment.  As the company's former chief operating officer, she promoted the investment at public events and in interviews, calling it a great way to make money. 

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Sunday headlines
9:28 am
Sun February 3, 2013

S.C. Wonders: Will Fewer Trust Online Tax Filing This Year?

South Carolina tax officials say taxpayer concerns about last fall's hacking of a state agency could lead to fewer online income tax filings this year.  The state Department of Revenue insists it's safe to e-file, but they’re preparing for fewer online filings this tax season.  

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