What's the Likelihood of Teacher Raises This Year?

May 2, 2014
Tasnim Shamma

Raising teacher salaries is something Governor Pat McCrory and state lawmakers have agreed is a priority this year. The plan is to boost base pay to $35,000 over two years for teachers in their first ten years on the job. That amounts to raises of $500 to $4,200.  But as legislators begin crafting a budget, they say there may not be enough money to do all of that. 

WFAE’s Lisa Miller joins me now to discuss the likelihood of teacher raises this year. 

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Teacher pay in North Carolina has been an increasingly sore subject in the state as our state educators are now among the lowest paid in the US, and as legislators on both sides of the aisle pledge to remedy teacher pay to prevent a mass exodus of qualified teachers from the state. The Charlotte Observer will be hosting a forum in Charlotte on Monday about teacher pay, and in advance of that, we’ll talk with some of the panelists including an educator and politicians to talk about what all of this could mean for teachers and ultimately, for the future of education in North Carolina.

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North Carolina school students will have to tackle several hours of standardized tests in a few weeks. State and federal laws mandate that. As the debate over these tests intensifies, many parents wonder if their kids can refuse to take them.  The answer is yes, but it may cost them. 

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About 40 groups that had their applications for charter schools rejected may get another chance to make their case to education officials. The North Carolina Board of Education decided this week to allow them another shot at an interview

NC General Assembly

North Carolina lawmakers have taken the first steps to repealing Common Core standards for students in kindergarten through twelfth grades. A committee gave its support to proposed legislation that would do just that. It still needs to go before the full General Assembly.

An Explanation Of UNC's New 'Context Grading'

Apr 25, 2014

Beginning next fall, student transcripts are going to look a lot different at UNC-Chapel Hill. They will still include the grades for each class and the overall GPA, but the transcripts will also show the median grade for the class and how the grade ranks. The idea is that this will discourage students from seeking easy classes to boost their grades, and will reward students who do excellent work in more difficult classes. Sociology Professor Andrew Perrin heads the committee that approved this change, and he joined us this morning.

The Charlotte-Mecklenburg School Board approved plans Tuesday night to partner with a non-profit to run a pre-k- 8 school on the city’s west side.  It’s in the area once known as Boulevard Homes.  Before it was torn down two years ago, the public housing complex was often in the news for violence.  The Renaissance West Community Initiative is re-developing that area and this school will be at the center of it. 

Laura Clark is executive director of the group.  WFAE's Mark Rumsey asked her why it's important for a school to be part of this neighborhood?

North Carolina’s top charter official warned schools Thursday that they could lose their charters, which authorize them to get public money, if they refuse to comply with public records requests for salaries.

Wingate University President Will Retire In May 2015

Apr 22, 2014
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Wingate University President Jerry McGee is stepping down in May 2015. 

McGee has served as president of the Union County school for more than 22 years and oversaw major changes during his time as University president – including its transition from a college to a university.

Duncan McFadyen

Johnson C. Smith University has received about $1 million this month for a scholarship fund that helps students pay the difference between their financial aid and tuition.