Lisa Worf / WFAE

The rise of iPads and laptops in the classroom has people scrambling to figure out the best way to represent knowledge and teach students using this medium. There’s an explosion of online materials geared for learning, but developing good ones is still something of an art and an experiment. Davidson College is undertaking such a project using CMS students as its guinea pigs.  

Almost all of us fight clutter. The stream of home and work documents, taxes, receipts, photos and more can pile up in our homes and on office desks and be quite a challenge to control. Now there is a new clutter challenge for us all: digital clutter. Most folks have several email addresses, online social accounts and many online shopping sites. We've invited experts to help us de-clutter our homes, offices and computers. Push your pile of paperwork aside, log out of your email and join us when Charlotte Talks.