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John D. Simmons / Charlotte Observer

Some CMS schools perform extremely well, while others struggle. The same is true with charter schools throughout the Charlotte area. But compared with CMS, charters received a lower rate of As and a higher rate of Fs on this year's school performance grades. 

John D. Simmons / Charlotte Observer

Crossroads and Kennedy charter schools in Charlotte will close at the end of this school year. The State Board of Education made that decision Thursday. The board also approved a revised annual report on charters after the Lieutenant Governor deemed it too negative last month. And board members hired a new director to oversee the office of charter schools.

WFAE’s Lisa Worf joins All Things Considered host Mark Rumsey.

Bonnie Cone Academy

A new charter school may be coming to Charlotte’s University area in the fall of 2017. This week Bonnie Cone Classical Academy got the recommendation of the state’s advisory group that vets charters. But it was a close vote.

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Veritas charter school and the CMS school board have until December 10 to resolve a dispute over a building lease, or county commissioners will decide the issue. A recent revision of a state statute gives the commission that authority. At a special hearing Tuesday, Chairman Trevor Fuller let CMS and Veritas’ attorneys know he was upset the two parties couldn’t work it out and got the commission involved.

“We shouldn’t be in a position to mediate lawyers. We don’t have time for this,” Fuller said.

North Carolina General Assembly

A number of controversial bills are before the North Carolina House today. They include stripping some key powers from municipalities and making school districts give more to charter schools. The House will reconvene at 7 o’clock Tuesday night. Joining All Things Considered host Mark Rumsey to catch us up on what’s happened so far are WFAE’s Tom Bullock and Lisa Worf. 

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The office that oversees charter schools in North Carolina will likely no longer report to the Department of Public Instruction, but a politically-elected board. The measure was passed by the House and Senate this week and awaits the governor’s signature.  

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North Carolina’s education landscape looks different again this year as students prepare to head back to school.  The state now has 160 charters, including two new online charter schools.  These are public schools given more flexibility than traditional public schools. Also, the NC Supreme Court has given the go ahead to vouchers for private schools. 

WFAE’s Lisa Worf joins Morning Edition host Marshall Terry. 

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The North Carolina Board of Education gave the go ahead Thursday to twelve charter schools to open in the fall of 2016. In an unusual move, board members also turned down two schools. 

Lisa Worf / WFAE

The Director of North Carolina’s Office of Charter Schools took a new job this week. He is now the head of an online charter school that won approval from the state board of education this year. 

It made us wonder what policies the state has to ensure public employees aren’t applying for jobs with the same groups they may be vetting or negotiating contracts with. There aren’t many.