Catholic Church

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A former teacher of the year who was fired from Charlotte Catholic High School after announcing on Facebook that he was marrying his longtime same-sex partner filed a federal lawsuit Wednesday accusing the school, the Roman Catholic Diocese of Charlotte, and Mecklenburg Area Catholic Schools of violating Title VII of Civil Rights Act.

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A group of clergy abuse survivors is criticizing the Catholic Diocese of Charlotte for its handling of sexual abuse cases. This comes on the heels of a meeting between Pope Francis and abuse survivors yesterday, and the recent dismissal of criminal and civil sexual assault cases in the Charlotte Diocese.

Catholic Church (England and Wales)

The Catholic Church finds itself at a crossroads with the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI last week. Now, Church leaders are looking ahead to a Papal Conclave and the selection of a new pope, and while they do, onlookers worldwide are speculating on the future of the Catholic Church amidst controversy and changes in leadership, while looking at the ancient organization's history and traditions. We'll talk about the history of Papal Conclaves and the many ways that this one will be different and how it could affect the future of Catholics everywhere, when Charlotte Talks.

Local Catholics Surprised By Pope's Resignation

Feb 11, 2013
Tasnim Shamma

Catholics reacted to the surprising news that Pope Benedict announced his resignation Monday morning. We spoke to a few of them after the noon mass on Monday at St. Peter's Catholic Church.

Kevin Barto says his coworkers and friends have been asking him all morning about what this means for the Catholic Church. He says it's not easy to say what Pope Benedict's legacy will be because he was in the role for such a relatively short amount of time.