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11:46 am
Tue April 9, 2013

Charlotte Medical Team Uses 'Ick' Factor To Cure Stubborn GI Infection

Dr. Barry Schneider, a gastroenterologist at Carolinas Medical Center-University, got approval from a hospital committee before performing Charlotte's first fecal transplant lat summer. "It's basically like a huge dose of probiotics."
Credit Todd Sumlin / Charlotte Observer

  Pam Kee calls herself a “mixologist.”

But the concoction in her blender comes together at a hospital.

Kee is a nurse at Carolinas Medical Center-University, where she assists Dr. Barry Schneider with an unusual therapy that can cure a potentially deadly gastrointestinal infection.

The treatment is called a fecal transplant – and it’s just what the name implies.

Feces from a healthy donor is transferred into a sick patient to create a new, infection-free environment in the gut.

It may sound disgusting, but it works.