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Friday News Roundup

Jun 17, 2016

On the weekly local news roundup – the Charlotte city budget has been passed with no property tax hikes. Gun sales rise in the Queen City in the aftermath of the shootings in Orlando. The bill for pulling out of the I-77 toll lane deal may come to $800 million while the mayor of Cornelius feels the heat for meeting with state senate leaders on the matter. And Bank of America is cutting jobs. Those stories and more.

Anniversary Of Charleston Shooting: The State Of Race Relations

Jun 16, 2016
Howard Arnoff / Flickr

Friday marks one year since the tragic shootings that claimed the lives of nine parishioners at Emanuel AME Church in Charleston. The shootings were racially motivated, ignited a nationwide conversation about racism and resulted in the Confederate flag being removed from South Carolina’s Statehouse grounds. But what has been the lasting impact? We look into that with several people including one who lost his sister in that horrible tragedy.

Author Lisa Grunwald, 'The Marriage Book'

Jun 15, 2016

June is wedding season and as couples prepare for that momentous event, they are being bombarded by marriage advice – some good, and some not so good, some may even be considered “old-fashioned.” Author Lisa Grunwald has compiled centuries of that advice and the result is “The Marriage Book,” clearly demonstrating how our views on marriage have evolved. She joins us to share what they’ve learned.

North Carolina State Parks Centennial (Rebroadcast)

Jun 14, 2016
Briana Duggan / WFAE

Both the North Carolina and the National Park systems are turning 100 this year. From the largest to the smallest, these parks have become a national treasure that are experiencing a surge in use with last year seeing record-setting attendance. But the growing popularity of communing with nature in our parks is presenting its own challenges. Some say we’re actually loving our parks to death. We take a look at the history of our parks and the future of them.

Originally aired May 10, 2016

Does My Vote Matter?

Jun 13, 2016
Vote Here sign
Tom Bullock / WFAE

With the primary season over, Americans are looking toward November – or at least they should be but a recent poll reveals that 90 percent of Americans aren’t confident in the political system. That could lead voters to question the worth of their ballot. They might ask, “Does my vote count in a system of super delegates and the Electoral College?” NPR is examining that question and so will we.


Amid Long Voting Lines And Claims Of A 'Rigged System,' Does My Vote Matter?

Friday News Roundup

Jun 10, 2016

Alma Adams wins her Democratic primary race and Robert Pittenger squeaks through on the Republican side. Ron Kimble will be the interim Charlotte city manager. Governor McCrory vetoes a coal ash bill and we hear about the next steps the general assembly may take as a result of that veto. More on the effort to stop the I-77 toll lanes and more when our roundtable of reporters gathers for our local weekly news roundup.

Homelessness In Charlotte

Jun 9, 2016
Matthew Woitunski (Own work) [CC BY 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Eighteen months ago, this area set an ambitious goal, to rid Mecklenburg County of chronic homelessness by the end of this year. To that end, local officials and others tried to raise the millions of dollars needed to put hundreds of the most vulnerable of the homeless in housing. Charlotte’s homeless population is shrinking and advocates say that’s a sign we’re on the right track so we check into the efforts to end homelessness here.

Summer Split: Public Beaches / Summer Reads

Jun 8, 2016
Mecklenburg County Park & Recreation

We hear about the first public beach on Lake Norman in 40 years and the prospect of more on the way and about cool reads for hot summer days.

Health Roundup

Jun 7, 2016

Mosquito season has arrived and with it concern about the Zika virus. Already, there have been hundreds of cases reported involving U.S. travelers including two from Mecklenburg County. Now, the county is ramping up efforts to keep mosquitos in check. Plus, health officials say a superbug that can’t be held back by antibiotics has arrived in the U.S.  We sit down with Mecklenburg’s health director and an expert on infectious diseases.

Cokie Roberts (Rebroadcast)

Jun 3, 2016
Erin Keever

Cokie Roberts talks with us about politics today and the politics of Washington dating back almost to the founding of the nation. A commentator for NPR and ABC News, Roberts has written a number of books about women’s influence on the birth of our country and has now turned her attention to the women of Washington during the Civil War: Capital Dames. We talk about that and the current political climate.