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North Carolina voters played a big role in the outcome of the presidential race, but the governor’s race is still too close to call.  Our panel of reporters will look at that, and at some of the other shakeups and outcomes in state-based races.  Also, CMS takes a vote on the magnet school lottery, and the Hornets are off to a flying start.  

Tom Bullock / WFAE

A look at the vast difference between polling numbers leading up to Election Day and the actual results, and we talk about what the Trump presidency could mean for financial markets and your portfolio.

Analysis Of Election: What Did Voters Say?

Nov 9, 2016
Denise Cross Photography

A recap of the election results in North Carolina - from the presidency to the governor's mansion. How do the voters' decisions impact the state and country, and what message did voters send?

A mini-city may soon be coming to a river bank near you. An enormous mixed-used development of apartments, homes, offices, retail, restaurants and parks dubbed the "River District" will soon get a City Council vote. We take a closer look. But first, we get an Election Day preview from the elections director. 

Presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump
John Cravota / Tom Bullock

Time is running out on this election and as we get to the home stretch, North Carolina’s role seems to be becoming more important.

This week's top stories: Political campaigning is in the homestretch, with November 8th just around the corner...  The NAACP gets a hearing on what they consider to be illegally canceled voter registrations, and the county commission talks magnet schools. 

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The latest and greatest in technology from gadgets to big screen, 4K OLED TVs. What’s ready to buy, what you should wait to buy and what’s affordable – all well before Black Friday sales.

Lisa Worf / WFAE

Most furniture manufacturing jobs in the state have disappeared, but not for upholsters. They are in high demand - and there’s a shortage of those workers. We talk about that economic opportunity.

voting booths
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Almost from the start of his outsider presidential campaign, Donald Trump has been planting seeds of doubt in the election process. The Republican's standard-bearer has suggested he might not accept the results of next week's election, and has argued the entire electoral process has been rigged against him.

Chris Miller/ WFAE

Our conversation from October 27 with Sarah Vowell, writer, humorist,and former contributer to Public Radio's 'This American Life'. She joined us at Lenoir Rhyne University to talk about her contributions to history and culture through her writing and about her books Assassination Vacation, and Lafayette in the Somewhat United States.