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Friday News Roundup

Aug 5, 2016

A federal appeals court strikes down North Carolina’s voter ID law saying it’s discriminatory. Another court is deciding whether or not to suspend HB2 while lawsuits over it wind their way through the courts. The governor allows a bill that transfers money from disaster relief to HB2 defense to become law without his signature and we get an update on CMS student assignment plans. Those stories and more on the local news roundup.

Co-Working Spaces / Pets Instead Of Kids

Aug 4, 2016
A couple with their pet dogs and tortoise
Logan Cyrus / Charlotte Magazine

From a new kind of working experience to a new kind of life experience.  We hear about the growing trend of co-working spaces as well as the growing trend among younger people opting for pets instead of kids.

Block By Block: Charlotte's Historic West End

Aug 3, 2016

Add to Charlotte’s popular “South End” and our growing “North End,” the “Historic West End.” As uptown continues to flow outside its boundaries, the area along West Trade and Beatties Ford Road is beginning to benefit. Home to the city’s oldest African-American neighborhoods, home buyers and developers are eyeing the West End but that provides challenges to those who want to preserve its character, history and affordability. Can all three be accomplished?  

Education Update

Aug 2, 2016
alamosbasement / Flickr

Schools aren’t in session yet but education hasn’t slowed down for the summer. The debate over student assignment is set to heat up as CMS prepares to begin a series of public meetings next week. The school board has set a goal of selecting a new superintendent by the end of the year. School suspensions have been under scrutiny while teacher pay is improving. We talk about all of that and more with two reporters who follow it all every day.

Environmental News Update

Aug 1, 2016

An environmental news update with a panel of environmental reporters. We get updates on plans for coal ash landfills, find out how and why North Carolina’s air quality has improved. You may have noticed the summer of 2016 has been hot – in fact, on average, the world has been two degrees hotter than what we experienced in the 20th century. What that means and its connection to the drought in the southwestern part of the state. Those stories and other environmental news.

Friday News Roundup

Jul 29, 2016

On the local news roundup, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump play the VFW convention in Charlotte to very different receptions. Meanwhile, the Democratic Convention takes place in Philadelphia. What Clinton’s nomination means for North Carolina voters  Charles Jeter resigns from the North Carolina House. We talk about possible reasons why and get an update on the Whitewater Center including what happens to the water in it.

Democratic Convention

Jul 28, 2016
United States Democratic Party

Eight years ago, Hillary Clinton told supporters they put 18 million cracks in the glass ceiling through their support. This week, Clinton shatters that ceiling as she accepts the Democratic nomination for president and wraps up a convention that, like the GOP gathering, was not without its hiccups including the resignation of the party’s chairwoman. Did the Democrats find brotherly love in Philadelphia? What did they show voters? 

The impact of HB2 is now beginning to be felt. Last week, the NBA announced they were pulling their All-Star weekend from Charlotte. City businesses are now set to lose an estimated $100 million. But there has also been an impact on the city and the state’s image, and on LGBTQ individuals who have lost protections against discrimination. We discuss this and more during a WFAE Public Conversation. 

This public forum was recorded in front of a live audience at McGlohon Theater on Tuesday, July 26.

Charlotte's Changing Cuisine Culture

Jul 25, 2016
Tanner Latham / WFAE

As Charlotte’s demographics have changed, as people move here from around the country, the less homogenous character of the city is now reflected in our dining options. We’ve gone from a town full of restaurants featuring a meat and three with sweet tea to a city in which foods from around the world including multi-ethnic fusions are featured, still leaving room for Southern barbeque. We take a closer look at these new options and what they tell us about our changing identity.

Gaston County Redevelopment

Jul 22, 2016

For as long as most people can remember, Gaston County has been the brunt of Charlotte’s jokes. And, quite frankly, Gastonians aren’t laughing. They’ll admit, they’ve had their challenges but they’ve also been working hard to remake themselves, bring in more businesses, create more jobs, get more people to put down roots, to rebrand themselves, and get folks here to see them in a new light. They make their case with us.