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Monday, November, 28

The 1971 uprising of inmates at Attica State Prison turned violent but brought attention to the treatment of prisoners. We talk with an historian about the legacy of Attica.

Civic by Design

Friday, November 25

As the second fastest growing city in the country, Charlotte’s population is exploding and developers are trying to keep up. Hence, all those apartments cropping up around town. But some architects feel those building are too similar, too bland and because there are so many of them, they are beginning to negatively impact the look of the city. Those architects are suggesting stronger design standards need to be adopted and we’ll hear their ideas.

Flickr/Sebastien Wiertz

Thursday, November 24

All of us experience moments where our confidence fades but ABC’s Dan Harris had one on live television on Good Morning America.  The news anchor’s panic attack led him on a journey to discover a way to quiet his internal critic, something about which he had always been skeptical:  Meditation.  Dan Harris joins us along with Dr. Russ Greenfield to talk about the scientifically-backed benefits of practicing mindfulness.

John Rapson and Kevin Massey / cranberries
Joan Marcus / Muffet / Flickr

Not many musicals feature a serial killer in the lead but the 2014 Tony Award Winner for Best Musical does.  A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder is a throwback in so many ways but what you need to know is that it’s just silly fun and we’ll visit with some of the actors, including one who is murdered – repeatedly. Then Chef Peter Reinhart shares some delicious information about berries – cran and otherwise, just in time for the holiday.

Flickr / JB

More than 120 newspapers across the country folded between 2004 and 2014, and while digital news platforms are drawing plenty of eyeballs, they're not taking up enough economic slack. What does this mean for journalism and for an informed democracy?

What's Next For The Republican Party?

Nov 21, 2016

Republicans won big in the recent election but their candidate has shaken up the party. So, what’s next for the GOP? We hear some opinions on that from members of the Republican Party.

The North Carolina governor’s race is still undecided more than a week after Election Day. Smoke filters into Charlotte from wildfires in the mountains... and the toxicology report is back on Keith Scott.  Those and other stories on the local news roundup.

forest fire
North Carolina Forest Service

Wildfires continue raging in the North Carolina mountains, and the smoke is drifting into Charlotte. We begin with an update on the firefighting effort, then our "Block by Block" series continues with an area that some hope will be the next "big thing" - MoRA.

What's Next For The Democratic Party?

Nov 16, 2016
United States Democratic Party

Democrats stumbled in last week's election, losing the White House and falling short of recapturing the U.S. Senate. The party now must determine how to dig themselves out of the electoral hole. Party strategists look at mistakes made and how to lure back voters.

Ildar Sagdejev/Wikipedia

Wells Fargo’s long stage-coach ride back to respectability following a scandal, investigations and resignations. How all this is impacting Charlotte-based employees, customers and shareholders?