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Charlotte Talks
12:37 pm
Fri December 19, 2014

Last Minute Giving

Credit mysza831 / Flickr/

9:00, Monday, December 22, 2014

'Tis the season to be jolly.  It’s also gift-giving season and a time to give back. We have all those bases covered as we explore some locally-curated gift guides and find out about some area stores that might have that perfect, unique gift you’ve been searching for as the minutes before Christmas dwindle down. Then, we get some suggestions on opportunities to give back in these last days of 2014. 

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Charlotte Talks
10:49 am
Thu December 18, 2014

Immigration Reform

Credit Icars / Flickr/

9:00 a.m., Friday, December 19, 2014

Last month, President Obama fulfilled his promise to proceed with immigration reform with or without Congress. Although one court has already declared the move “unconstitutional,” his executive order would beef up border security while easing conditions under which skilled immigrants could remain here. The order raises questions both about immigration reform and whether the executive branch can unilaterally issue such a directive. We'll examine those questions. 

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Charlotte Talks
3:41 pm
Wed December 17, 2014

New, Local Apps And App Analysis

Credit alexkess / Flickr/

9:00 Thursday, December 18, 2014

We all know that for just about everything, "there's an app for that!" There are apps for the weather, the news, dating, games, dining, getting a ride and more. Two brand new apps have been developed here in Charlotte - one to socialize, the other to shop. We talk about how they work, what users are looking for in apps and more with several app developers. 

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Charlotte Talks
10:05 am
Tue December 16, 2014

Let There Be Light, Charlotte's West Side

9:00 Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Charlotte’s West side has long felt neglected and leaders there believe that perhaps shedding some light on that area’s history and its contributions to the fabric of Charlotte might be a catalyst for change. Journalists, historians, and civic leaders have collaborated on “Let There Be Light” edited by Ron Stodghill, a book exploring how Charlotte’s West End continues to shape the new south and several of them join us. 

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Charlotte Talks
10:07 am
Mon December 15, 2014

Holiday Movie Picks

Credit ToastyKen / Flickr/

9:00 Tuesday, December 16, 2014

It’s the time of year for holiday movies and Oscar contenders to be released. This year’s choices range from Big Hero 6, to the next in The Hunger Games series and a remake of the musical Annie, to larger-than-life titles like Exodus and the last installment of The Hobbit series. Then there are smaller, yet challenging films like Birdman. But let’s find out what our critics think is worth spending money to see.

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Charlotte Talks
2:39 pm
Fri December 12, 2014

Malnutrition And MANA

A child who is severely malnourished can fit their arm within this circle that is slightly larger than a quarter
Alexia Gyorody

9:00 Monday, December 15, 2014

When it comes to food, we live in a 50/50 world. Half the world has plenty to eat, the other half is starving.  Even though America has an obesity problem, every nine seconds, somewhere in the world, a child dies from malnutrition. Some experts now believe those two things might actually be connected. We look into that puzzling connection and hear about a Charlotte-based organization working to address severe malnutrition.

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Charlotte Talks
9:17 am
Thu December 11, 2014

Patricia McBride

Patricia McBride with Mike Collins
Credit Erin Keever

9:00 Friday, December 12, 2014

Charlotte has had a bright and shining star in our midst for years. Those in the know were aware of her but, for the most part, Patricia McBride has been flying under the radar. She is the associate artistic director of Charlotte Ballet but prior to that she was one of the prima ballerinas in the nation and has been given a Kennedy Center Honor. That ceremony will be on CBS-TV on December 30, but we celebrate Patricia McBride here first. 

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Charlotte Talks
2:05 pm
Wed December 10, 2014

Geralyn Lucas

9:00 Thursday, December 11, 2014

Geralyn Lucas is a journalist and TV producer who, 20 years ago, added breast cancer advocate to her resume.  She wrote a book about her diagnosis and subsequent fight to survive, called Why I Wore Lipstick to My Mastectomy, which was later made into a movie.  Now, she’s followed that first book up with a sequel: Then Came Life, addressing life after survival including the fear of a return of the cancer.  

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Charlotte Talks
10:00 am
Tue December 9, 2014

End-of-Year Financial Planning

9:00 Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Financial planning should be viewed as a year-round activity, but the end of the year is a time when lots of decisions have to be made – or should be made – to keep your financial house in order. So, we’ve invited Larry Carroll, President and CEO of Carroll Financial Associates, one of the most highly regarded financial planners in the country to tell us what we should be doing to close our personal books on 2014. 

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Charlotte Talks
10:00 am
Mon December 8, 2014

Community Theater In Charlotte

From left to right: Mike Collins, host of Charlotte Talks, Ron Law from Theatre Charlotte, Matt Merrell from Davidson Community Players, Ginger Heath from Union County Playmakers and John Rambo from Hickory Community Players.
Credit Erin Keever

9:00 Tuesday, December 9, 2014

You find them in the largest cities and the smallest towns.  They have been the birthplace of legendary careers and have nurtured creativity in millions of devoted volunteers. We're talking about community theaters.   Charlotte is home to one of the oldest in the country and the city is ringed with towns who have their own institutions.  We explore the contributions these theaters make to the community, to their patrons and those who get involved.

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