Wynton Marsalis (Rebroadcast)

Grammy award-winning jazz and classical musician Wynton Marsalis is internationally known for his trumpet playing and jazz style. He's from a family of famous classically trained musicians who play, produce and compose jazz. But Marsalis is also an advocate for music education and working with young jazz musicians. He co-founded the Jazz at Lincoln Center Program and is the music director for that group's orchestra. Wynton Marsalis was in Charlotte in October to perform with the Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra, and while he was here, he joined us to talk about his musical roots in the Marsalis family, his thoughts about jazz and the trumpet, and we'll hear some of his music.  Originally aired 10/9/2013.

Wynton Marsalis - Songwriter, trumpet player, jazz and classical musician- was the first person to win Grammy Awards for both jazz and classical recordings (1983)