UNC Charlotte Mt. Zion Excavation (Rebroadcast)

Archaeologists' uncover a Byzantine building.
Credit Hanan Shafrir

A group of 22 UNC Charlotte students, some of them Levine scholars, participated in a restricted site excavation in Jerusalem this summer. The site is only a few hundred yards away from the room where the Last Supper is alleged to have taken place. The group returned in August with some big news and the archaeologists joined us to announce their discoveries - we revisit that conversation today on Charlotte Talks. Originally Aired 8/1/2013

Dr. James Tabor
– Chair of the Department of Religious Studies at UNC Charlotte
Kevin Caldwell – Rising Junior at UNC Charlotte, Levine scholar and religious studies student, participant in excavation
Caroline Brewer – Rising Senior at UNC Charlotte, Levine scholar and nursing student, participant in excavation