Top Stories: New England Blizzard; CIA Nominee Faces Drone Questions

Feb 7, 2013

Good morning, here is our top story:

'Real Nightmare' Headed For New England; Blizzard On Track For Friday.

And here are more early headlines:

CIA Nominee Brennan To Face Senate Questions On U.S. Drone Policy. (CBS)

Political And Religious Leaders Gather For National Prayer Breakfast. (Washington Post)

Obama To Visit House Democrats' Retreat; Sequester A Likely Topic. (The Hill)

Iranian Ayatollah Khamenei Rejects Direct Talks With U.S. On Nuclear Program. (Reuters)

In TV Report, Iran Claims It Decoded Information From Downed U.S. Drone. (CNN)

Tunisia's Ruling Islamist Party Rejects P.M.'s Plan To Create Technocrat Government. (New York Times)

Russia Insists Its Jets Didn't Violate Japanese Air Space. (Reuters)

Report: U.S. Airways And American Airlines Finalizing A Proposed Merger. (Wall Street Journal)

Suspect Accused Of Trying To Attack N.Y. Federal Reserve With Fake Bomb Expected To Plead Guilty. (AP)

Study Lists Hilarious Excuses Of Why People Are Late To Work, Or, My Wife Froze My Car Keys. (PR Newswire)

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