Taste The World On Charlotte’s Eastside

Feb 28, 2013

  Charlotte’s Eastside hosts an amazing diversity of cuisines from Somali to Syrian, and Serbian to Southern. Wondering what to order at the Bosnian café? Not sure how to navigate a Mexican panaderia (bakery)? Shy about visiting a business where you’re not sure your English will be understood? CharlotteEast.com can help.

The hosts of the annual "Taste of the World" now feature tasty tidbits about Charlotte East restaurants, bakeries, and emporiums with a "Taste of the Week" eNewsletter and their "Taste of the World" Facebook page. Signup for the eNews and “like” them on Facebook for tips on exploring Charlotte’s international corridor.

Parking near Central Avenue at Rosehaven Drive puts you in walking distance of Salvadoran, Vietnamese, Middle Eastern, Somali, Mexican, and Chinese restaurants and shops. "Taste of the Week" will explore those businesses and more in the coming weeks.

Golden Bakery
Credit Nancy Pierce

  "Taste of the Week" features the bakeries that abound in Charlotte East. Nova Bakery brings European breads to Central Avenue in the heart of the Plaza Midwood business district. In addition to Las Delicias Bakery’s traditional pan dulce, (lightly sweetened breads) their pastry case showcases tres leches cakes, flan, and fruit tarts. Golden Bakery on Sharon Amity offers fresh hot pita, naan, and savory filled breads and treats from their native Syria.

Las Delicias Bakery
Credit Carol Sawyer

  Come explore our neighborhood! We’ll show you global Charlotte.

Charlotte EAST (Eastland Area Strategies Team) is a volunteer board representing business, non-profits, civic organizations and neighborhoods created to develop and strengthen the economic and social capital in the greater East area, enhancing the quality of life for all who live and work here.