Stuck In Charlotte

Feb 13, 2014

A car sits abandoned past the tire tracks where Gregory Abrams almost got stuck.
Credit Michael Tomsic

Some cars in Charlotte are stuck. A few people have abandoned their vehicles in the university area, and other drivers are trying to work their way out.

  Gregory Abrams made it back to his house in Concord last night but not into his driveway.

"I couldn't get home last night, so I had to park down the street and walk home," he said.  

And this morning, he had work. So he drove his Toyota Camry down to the university area. He says the commute was icy but not too bad, until he tried to pull into a bank. Now he's stuck, and trying to dig himself out.

"I'm just trying to get some stuff out from under the tires," Abrams said as he used a piece of wood, jamming it into the thick snow and ice trapping his front wheels.

"If I can clear a small path, once I get out on the road, I'll be fine," he said.

He clears a little path, and then gets back in his car and starts revving the engine and rotating his wheel, spinning his tires on top of the ice.

Eventually, Abrams' wheels find their grip, and he drives off.

Less than 100 yards behind him was another car at the bank, sitting there abandoned.