Social Entrepreneurs JD Lewis & Molly Barker

Molly Barker with some 'Girls on the Run' and JD Lewis with his sons Buck (left) and Jackson (center).

Charlotte has its share of gifted social entrepreneurs and we’ve highlighted many of them on Charlotte Talks over the years. Molly Barker, founder of the now international organization Girls on the Run has been with us several times in the past decade or more to talk about her running program for girls and the idea of getting girls out of the “girl box”. JD Lewis has joined us—along with his sons-- before, during and after their trip around the world, where they visited all seven continents to do humanitarian work throughout the course of one year. Their organization Twelve in Twelve was created to help them achieve the work they did around the world and inspire others to do similar work. We’ll catch up with these two friends to talk about the next evolution of each of their efforts to help others, and find out how they’re working on some of that effort together.

JD Lewis
- Founder of Charlotte-based non-profit Twelve In Twelve
Molly Barker - Founder of Girls on the Run