Real Life Superheroes

Jan 10, 2012

Pictured: The Crimson Fist, who works the streets of Atlanta. Photo Courtesy The Real Life Super Hero Project Real Life Superheroes From the time we are little boys and girls, we dream of having superpowers and the means to fight evil. Superheroes are pervasive in today's media from films and television shows to comic books. But there is a real life version of what we see in the media and the movement is growing. We'll meet a documentarian and psychologist who have explored the growing community of real life superheroes. We'll find out where they operate, how they fight crime and why some of them are getting into trouble. Meet real superheroes, when Charlotte Talks. Guests Dr. Robin Rosenberg - Clinical Psychologist (Robin's website) 'Life' - A "real life superhero" operating out of New York City Add and read comments