Radio transmissions add details on Ferrell shooting

Oct 26, 2013

  Radio recordings released Friday by Charlotte Mecklenburg Police offer new details about the fatal police shooting of Jonathan Ferrell September 14th on Reedy Creek Road. In one of the recordings, an officer reports shots fired and says the suspect has been hit. In the same radio transmission, an officer also says Ferrell “was coming at” Kerrick. 

After examining these transmissions and police cruiser dashboard camera video, police later charged Officer Randall Kerrick with voluntary manslaughter. Police say he fired his weapon and hit Ferrell 10 times. 

Police originally were called to the scene by a resident reporting a possible break-in. The Ferrell’s family lawyer is pushing police to release one more recording – the police cruiser dashboard camera. He says it shows that Ferrell was approaching officers seeking help after an auto wreck nearby.

Officer Kerrick is due back in court Dec. 17th.