Race And Juvenile Justice In Charlotte

Jun 28, 2016

African-Americans make up 35 percent of Charlotte’s population but represent 70 percent of the arrests. Nationwide, black drivers are stopped and searched more often than whites. Minority children are more likely to be suspended from school than white students. An initiative called “Race Matters for Juvenile Justice” has been working in Charlotte to reduce these disparities. Learn about their successes and what’s being done to ensure fairness in the justice system.

Elisa Chinn-Gary – Mecklenburg County clerk of Superior Court; co-chair of Race Matters for Juvenile Justice, a local initiative that seeks to eliminate racial disparities in the justice system

Louis Trosch – District Court judge, Mecklenburg County (26th Judicial District) and co-chair of Race Matters for Juvenile Justice

Dr. Susan McCarter – associate professor of Social Work at UNC Charlotte 

Race Matters for Juvenile Justice website

Charlotte Observer: When she points to racial bias, Charlotte's most powerful listen (profile of Elisa Chinn-Gary)