Quality of Life Study and The Possibility Project
1:00 pm
Tue June 21, 2011

Quality of Life Study and The Possibility Project

Part One: Charlotte Neighborhood Quality of Life Study
Each year, Charlotte conducts a Quality of Life Study to help the city properly determine programs and services and how to allocate resources. This year, the city wants to make changes to the survey to get a more accurate picture of how individual neighborhoods are doing around the city, and they're seeking input from citizens. We'll talk about how the changes will improve what we know about neighborhoods throughout the city and why it may be in your best interest to give your opinion about the study.
Dr. Owen Furuseth - Assoc. Provost of Metropolitan Studies and Extended Academic Programs, UNC Charlotte
Warren Cooksey - City Councilman from the 7th District
Virginia Keogh - Southwest Neighborhood Coalition President

Photo Credit: Cunningham Photo Artists
Part Two: The Possibility Project
In the second part of the show, we'll find out about a local effort to help kids improve their lives and enrich their communities through the performing arts.
Nikkeia Wiler - Managing and Artistic Director of The Possibility Project- Charlotte
Luke Lippard - 16 years old playwright, Rising Senior at South Mecklenburg High
Auston Scott - 18 years old playwright, 2011 Graduate of Harding University High

'Breaking Character' June 23 & 24 at McGlohon Theatre at 8:00pm

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