President's Speech Moved To Time Warner Arena

Sep 5, 2012

President Barack Obama is no longer planning to deliver his nomination speech to a crowd of more than 65,000 at Bank of America Stadium.  Convention organizers say they're moving the president's speech to Time Warner Cable Arena because of the threat of severe weather. 

“We have been monitoring weather forecasts closely and several reports predict thunderstorms in the area, therefore we have decided to move Thursday’s proceedings to Time Warner Cable Arena to ensure the safety and security of our delegates and convention guests,” said DNCC CEO Steve Kerrigan. 

Time Warner Cable Arena only holds 20,000 people.  Most of those seats will be taken up with delegates, lawmakers and reporters.  There won't be room for thousands of people with community credentials to see the President at Bank of America stadium.  Instead, DNC organizers say the president will speak to those people by conference call on Thursday.