North Carolina Teacher Pay And The Charlotte Observer Forum

May 2, 2014

Teacher pay in North Carolina has been an increasingly sore subject in the state as our state educators are now among the lowest paid in the US, and as legislators on both sides of the aisle pledge to remedy teacher pay to prevent a mass exodus of qualified teachers from the state. The Charlotte Observer will be hosting a forum in Charlotte on Monday about teacher pay, and in advance of that, we’ll talk with some of the panelists including an educator and politicians to talk about what all of this could mean for teachers and ultimately, for the future of education in North Carolina.

Ann Doss Helms
- Education reporter for the Charlotte Observer
Erlene Lyde - Vide President of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Association of Educators and a chemistry teacher in CMS 
Eric Guckian - senior education advisor for Governor Pat McCrory
Dumont Clark - vice chairman of the Mecklenburg County Commission

  • More information about the Charlotte Observer forum on May 5 at 7:00p.m. here.