North Carolina Miscellany

Jul 30, 2012

North Carolina Miscellany Charlotte has come a long way since George Washington called it a "Trifling Place." So has the state of North Carolina. The Tarheel state has been the site of important Revolutionary and civil war battles; the home of pirates and statesman, famous explorers and infamous crooks. We have a long and rich history and one organization has set out to look in every nook and cranny for some of the more quirky bits of history about North Carolina. The website is called NC Miscellany and it's the home to hundreds of lesser know facts about the state's history. We'll delve into the website with two men who have helped build it, when Charlotte Talks. Guests Lew Powell - Frequent contributor to NC Miscellany. Retired Forums Editor and Columnist for The Charlotte Observer John Blythe - Special Projects and Outreach Coordinator for the North Carolina Collection at UNC's Wilson Library