New CMS Superintendent Tours Facilities

Aug 24, 2012

Heath Morrison visited with CMS employees on first day of job. Photo: Kalie McMonagle. New CMS Superintendent Heath Morrison Monday began his first day on the job with bus drivers and graphic designers. He also visited several schools with summer programs. It's part of his plan to get out of the office and into the schools to find out what they need. Morrison made his first stop at 7 am. He met with graphic production and textbook staff. He asked about the procedures they follow and the resources they have. Morrison took his time and made friendly chit chat. Then he went outside to talk to bus mechanics who were eager to meet him. Many said they had never met a superintendent before. Today's tour is a part of a three month entry plan for Morrison to get familiar with all aspects of the district and its 159 schools. Morrison says many people have told him they believe top CMS administrators have ignored them in the past. Morrison says he's interested in what others have to say, but cautions that listening and delivering can be two different things. "That doesn't always mean that we're going to do what someone says they think we oughta do, but I want everybody to feel like they had a chance to hear why we made the decision and why maybe we didn't do what they wanted us to do." Morrison says he doesn't plan to get comfortable in his office during the first few months on the job. He says he can't plan for the future until he knows what he's working with.