Mold In Your Home

Oct 3, 2011

Mold In Your Home It's all around us every day. We breathe it in and it lives in our homes. For most of us, it's not an issue but on rare occasions it can be both costly and lethal. We are talking about mold. Mold became a chronic and far reaching environmental hazard after the recent flooding in Eastern North Carolina but anyone who lives in the humid South knows about mold. We talk to a panel of experts about what exactly mold is, how it spreads, how to clean it, remove it and how to keep your family safe from its sometimes toxic effects. A new look at a moldy problem is next when Charlotte Talks. Guests David Lipton - Industrial Hygiene Consultant, Occupational and Environmental Epidemiology Branch NC Division of Public Health Dennis Salmen - Program Manager, Pest Management and Environmental Services, Mecklenburg County Public Health Dept. Add and read comments