The Mint Museum
1:00 pm
Fri October 1, 2010

The Mint Museum

The Mint Museum
The Mint Museum has long held an anchor position in the art community in our region. From its original home on Randolph Road to its first uptown location, the Mint has endured several changes but none as big as the grand opening of the brand new uptown building. The museum aims to be a world class destination for art and craft lovers and it is the third corner of the triumvirate of art repositories along with the Bechtler Museum and Gantt Center. We visited the new building and got a look at what's inside. We share that experience and more about the Mint.
Dr. Kathleen Jamison - Executive Director, The Mint Museum of Art
Carla Hanzel - Curator, Bank of America Collection, Mint Museum
Richard Maschal - Visual Arts Critic and Former Staff Writer, Charlotte Observer

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Audio | Artist Danny Lane talks about his contribution to the Mint Museum
Audio | Allen Blevins, Director of Bank of America's Corporate Art Program talks about BoA's contribution

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