Mecklenburg Not Part Of Bill To Allow Counties To Own Schools

May 15, 2013

Most of the state’s counties, including Mecklenburg, are no longer included in a bill that would give counties the authority to build, own, and maintain schools.  The bill passed out of a senate committee Wednesday, only giving nine counties the option to take over ownership of schools from local school districts.  Those counties include Rowan, Wake and Harnett.

Senator Ron Rabin of Harnett County said county commissions are more equipped to handle business deals. 

"It’s quite simple the way I read the bill anyhow, that there’s not a lot of change, that the collaboration goes on.  It’s just the business part of it goes to the business world," said Rabin.  "Nothing is barring any educator from having full input just as they’re having now." 

Some Mecklenburg County commissioners supported taking over ownership of schools.  In March, CMS school board chairwoman Mary McCray spoke out against the bill, saying the school system had the expertise to decide where to build schools and construct them. She said CMS completed 92 building projects on time and under budget over the past ten years