The Immigrant Experience at CMS

Sep 14, 2009

The Immigrant Experience at CMS Children from all over the county are back in school, but for many students, school in America will be a new and different experience than they anticipated. CMS educates a wide variety of immigrant children, and English is a second language for most of them. We'll look at the challenges to educators and to the immigrant children in the school system from three experts who study student diversity. Guests Dr. Rosemary Traore - Asst. Professor, Urban Education at UNC Charlotte Dr. Lan Quach - Asst. Professor, Middle, Secondary, K12 Education at UNC Charlotte Jose Hernandez-Paris - Diversity Specialist, Parent University at CMS Event | UNC Charlotte hosts a community conversation, Wednesday at 6pm at Levine Museum. "This Isn't the America I Thought I'd Find" Click here to add and read comments