A History of Piedmont Airlines

Aug 16, 2012

Charlotte was the first and most successful hub of Piedmont Airlines, once a very prominent airline. The airline enjoyed a decades-long reputation for quality, and when it was purchased by US Airways in the late 80’s, a nostalgia for Piedmont Airlines began and hasn’t faded away yet. Quite the contrary. In the last few years, our guest today has written a book and produced a documentary about the airline, and transportation and aviation museums around the region have dedicated significant space to the history of Piedmont Airlines. We’ll hear why this airline was so special to people in our region, and hear stories about its heyday from former employees.

Richard Eller
- Professor of History and Head of the Social Science Department at Catawba Valley Community College. Author of Piedmont Airlines: A Complete History, 1948-1989 and Producer of the documentary “Speedbird”
Ronnie Macklin - Former Director of Maintenance at Piedmont Airlines
Howard Miller - Former pilot at Piedmont Airlines