Has The Women's March Had A Lasting Impact? Send Your Thoughts.


Women’s March on Charlotte January 21, 2017. An anniversary march is scheduled for Saturday, Jan. 20th.
Credit Diedra Laird/Charlotte Observer

A year after unprecedented demonstrations in cities around the world, organizers behind the Women's March are planning to do it again. Fueled in part by the #MeToo movement and the upcoming midterm elections, anniversary marches are being planned in a number of cities, including Charlotte, on Jan. 20. Ahead of these events, we want to hear your thoughts about the movement and its staying power.

Whether you've marched or not, we want to hear from you. What is the march about to you? If you participated last year or plan to this year - why? Have you seen a lasting impact from last year's demonstrations? What impact do you hope to see this year? What issues are most important to you?

Send us your point of view through email, leave us a voicemail, or send us a voice memo (details below) by Thursday, January 18. Your comments may be used in a WFAE news story or on Charlotte Talks. 

We really want to hear your perspective in your voice! Leave us a voicemail by calling 980-224-0537. You can also send us a voice memo using your smartphone (see instructions below - it's easy, we promise). Start by telling us your name and try to keep the recording under 30 seconds. You can also send us an email to charlottetalks@wfae.org.  

Tips for recording and sending a voice memo using your phone:

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  2. Voice memos app on the iPhone

    The built in voice memo app on iPhones is often located in the "extras" folder.

  3. Open the voice memo app, hit the record button. Hold the phone to your ear like you're having a conversation with someone. Make sure to hold the phone still, remember your recording picks up on everything.

  4. When you're done, stop the recording. Hit DONE and name the voice memo "yourname Womens March" and hit save.
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