Happy Halifax Resolves Day! Here's One Way To Celebrate

Apr 12, 2017

Happy Halifax Resolves Day!

Yup, that's today. Bet Facebook forgot to remind you about this particular anniversary.

But not to worry, you don’t need to rush out and buy a card, or flowers. However there is one particular thing you can do to mark the day.

April 12 is an important enough date that it appears on the North Carolina flag. April 12, 1776 to be specific. On that day, in Halifax, North Carolina, we became the first colony to officially call for American independence.

As for what you can do to mark the day, this comes not from me but from a member of the North Carolina House.

When the colonies declared their independence all 13 also created pledges to their own state flags.

Yesterday, Representative Mike Clampitt, lead the North Carolina House in that state flag pledge. Here's how it goes;

I salute the North Carolina flag

And pledge allegiance

With loyalty and faith.

Clampitt finished by saying, "Thank you." And yes, some representatives followed along by saying "thank you." Which caused Speaker Tim Moore to quip, "I don’t think thank you was a part of it." Laughter ensued.

But hey, I didn't know the state pledge either.