Free Range Kids (Rebroadcast)

Lenore Skenazy
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Plenty of older adults talk about the good old days when kids ran free, sometimes ranging through their neighborhoods or towns without their parents even knowing where they were. The trend reversed in recent times with the rise of Helicopter parents hovering over their child's every move and limiting their independence. Lenore Skenazy rejected that trend and she made headlines when she allowed her 9 year old son to ride a NYC subway alone. She forged the popularity into a bully pulpit to advance the idea of "free range kids." Her reality show, The World's Worst Mom, irony intended, explores modern parenting. We will too when Charlotte Talks. Originally aired April 22, 2013.

Lenore Skenazy - Columnist Blogger, and Host of The World's Worst Mom, Author of the book, blog and Twitter feed, Free-Range Kids