Foxx Confirmed As Next Transportation Secretary

Jun 27, 2013

The Senate voted 100-0 to confirm Charlotte Mayor Anthony Foxx as the next U.S. transportation secretary.
Credit CSPAN

Charlotte Mayor Anthony Foxx has been confirmed as the next U.S. Transportation Secretary. The Senate voted unanimously in his favor Thursday afternoon.  

Before the vote, West Virginia Senator Jay Rockefeller praised Foxx.

"He is an expert on transportation, intermodal and otherwise," Rockefeller says. "He understands the lay of the land and he's done it. He's a superb and qualified person who is very much needed to overlook our enormous transportation system, which is in trouble"

Foxx will replace Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood.  His first challenge leading the department will be finding new funding for the Highway Trust Fund to improve roads and transit systems.

The City Council will now look for an interim mayor.  The council must choose a Democrat to replace Foxx. The council will likely choose someone who does not plan to run for mayor in November. 

Foxx has served as mayor of Charlotte since 2009. His transportation experience includes overseeing the city's expansion of the light rail and pushing for extending the streetcar.