Food As Entertainment (Rebroadcast)

We talk a lot about food on a local level here on Charlotte Talks. We visit with local food writers, chefs and restaurant owners and check in on the local food scene. But food is a big business now and it's big entertainment. From the Food Channel, to QVC, the television food industry commands big bucks and creates major stars. We'll visit with two TV food personalities,  QVC's David Venable and PBS host Rick Browne. They'll share their experiences on television, with other food stars and regale us with stories from their travels. Originally broadcast 10/15/2012

David Venable - Host of QVC's In The Kitchen with David and author of In The Kitchen with David: QVC's Resident Foodie Presents Comfort Foods That Take You Home
Rick Browne - Creator, host and executive producer of the PBS show Barbecue America
Chef Peter Reinhart - Chef on Assignment, Johnson and Wales University, Charlotte