Entering Middle School

Aug 8, 2012

It’s no secret that something changes when kids enter Middle School. Developmentally, emotionally and socially, middle school is where some kids really struggle, and the changes in their bodies and socially can affect their grades, their relationships with friends and with their parents. We’ll be joined by a panel of experts who have been helping middle schoolers -  and their parents - navigate the waters of middle school, and hear from you, too, when Charlotte Talks.


Michelle Icard - Creator of Athena’s Path, Hero’s Pursuit and MichelleintheMiddle.com, websites designed to help middle school girls, boys and their parents navigate the issues that challenge kids in middle school.

Dr. Melisa Holmes - Co-founder of Girlology

Wes Calbreath - A middle school guidance counselor who has led Hero’s Pursuit summer camps (for boys) and works with the Bell (Building Educated Leaders for Life) Program for Project Lift at CMS.

  • Event  |  Right in the Middle: An Event for Girls and Their Moms is August 15th, from 9-12 or 6-9. Details.