Economist Dr. Sherry Jarrell

Some of what you think you know about the US economy is wrong. At least that's what our guest today says. Wake Forest University Economist Sherry Jarrell says that much of what we read in the business press is often misunderstood and that economic data means nothing if you're looking at it in the wrong context. She's out to correct the misunderstandings and clarify some of the important economic jargon that gets thrown around without much explanation - GDP, debt, deficit and unemployment rates. She also talks about what she says is really driving the economy and the role of politics and government in the process. But is the status and function of the economy subjective? Do economists always agree? She shares her opinions and perspective, for example she says that 100 percent of economic growth is created in private industry, no private industry good or service should be provided by the government, "Social Security is the biggest legalized Ponzi scheme in the world" and that regulations caused the financial crisis. Dr. Jarrell fills us in on "things we don’t know about the US economy," when Charlotte Talks.

Dr. Sherry Jarrell
- Director of the Undergraduate Finance Program and Professor of Practice of Finance and Economics at the Wake Forest University Schools of Business

  • Event: Dr. Sherry Jarrell is speaking at a Lunch & Learn at Wake Forest University's Charlotte Center on "five things you don’t know about the US economy" today (Tuesday) from 11:45am - 1pm.