Don't Swallow Your Gum and Other Medical Myths

Jan 7, 2010

Don't Swallow Your Gum & Other Medical Myths
Don't swallow your gum or you will get sick. If you pluck a grey hair, more will grow back in its place. If you eat something, wait an hour to go swimming. If you've heard these bits of medical and health advice over the years it's time to tune in to Charlotte Talks. Guest host Chris Clackum sits down with two doctors who are out to dispel every myth, half-truth and outright lie about your body and health. They've written a book about their findings called Don't Swallow Your Gum. Join us for a fun and informative hour that will give you a new perspective on many old tales of health and beauty. Guests Dr. Aaron Carroll - Co-Author and Assoc. Prof. of Pediatrics and Director of Professionalism Research, Indiana University School of Medicine Dr. Rachel Vreeman - Co-Author and Asst. Prof. of Pediatrics, Children's Health Services Center for Health Policy and Medicine Research, Indiana University School of Medicine Charlotte Talks | Medical Myths (earlier show) Amazon | Don't Swallow Your Gum by Dr. Aaron Carroll and Dr. Rachel Vreeman Don't Swallow Your Gum website