Deputy Police Chief to Retire

Sep 23, 2008

More personnel changes are afoot at the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department. Late yesterday, the Senior Deputy Chief announced he's leaving. CMPD Deputy Chief Jerry Sennett had hoped to be the department's chief. But when Virginian Rodney Monroe was selected for the spot, Sennett says he decided to stick around just long enough to help with the transition. During those months, Monroe did more than just transition. He radically changed department structure. But Sennett says that's not why he's leaving. "No I think we made some wise choices as far as some of the changes that we made and put the emphasis back in patrol," says Sennett. He adds that retirement benefits played a role in the decision. "In our system we start to collect our retirement when we have our thirty years, and I do. So it's time to find another challenge." At 51, Sennett says he expects to keep working and has a few leads that surfaced when he was in the running for Chief of Police. November 1st will be his last day at CMPD.