CPCC Gamers

Jun 10, 2010

CPCC Gamers Many people play video games but how many people really know how those games were designed and developed? Farhad Javidi knows. The CPCC Professor has built a game development program at the college and his students have beaten game developers from schools like Harvard and Stanford. They are creating games that have social and educational value and they are coming to the attention of people like Bill Gates. We'll learn about this amazing team and the process of researching and developing video games. Guests Farhad Javidi - Chair, Simulation and Game Development Program and Chair of Simulation, Modeling and Visualization Center at CPCC Danny Helms - Member, CPCC Game Development Team WFAE | CPCC Gamers conquer the Ivy League Photos | Shots from Microsoft's US Imagine Cup Competition Video | Watch a video demo of the team's game "Sixth" CPCC | CPCC Game Development Team Wins Microsoft's US Imagine Cup Competition Click here to add and read comments